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Dear Wendy,

we cannot thank you enough for Sully. Now that he he seven months old he is the baby of the house. Our local vet weights him weekly at his current hold of *deep breath* 31 pounds and 16 and a half inches tall. DOctor Jay says he is the biggest "mini" cocker he has ever seen and adores him. As of now he will be getting his cherry eye surgery in March (even though they make him look too cute). HE adores our 12 year old golden retriever and has semed to rejuvinate the old man!
Besides chasing the kitties and eating, his hobby is laying on people (he does not get the concept of personal body space at alll and loves everyone)
Hi Wendy! I hope you are enjoying
the much anticipated arrival of Spring. I thought I would update you and the family about Dexter. Dexter is something else and has to be one of the smartest dogs that I have ever seen. He has learned a variety of commands and tricks, and really enjoys going for long walks with us. We took him hiking a couple weekends ago and he had a blast! Everyone that sees him cannot get over how beautiful his merle coat is or how pretty his icy blue eyes are (I also give them your website address and name).

He is 11lbs now, as tall as Floyd and as long as him too. He LOVES people and gets to play with puppies at daycare about once a week (plus the dog park). He got his first full hair cut/grooming last week and looks like a different dog! His hair stands up all crazy on his head, so we are going to keep him in a puppy cut all year around. He got neutered recently and the vet was very impressed with him (and his quick recovery). I just got around to registering him with the AKC, and his full name is Dexter Blue Beauregard (we took Blue from Elvis's full name, in his honor). Dex is such a happy dog and has quite the personality.

I've attached a few photos of him so you can see how lovely his coat/markings are now. He will be getting a shave next month because he is getting hot even now, but you can clearly see from the "March 2013 hike" picture that he really needed that hair cut! The second pic is of his first haircut, and the third shows him at his typical weirdness- just being silly Dex.

I also wanted to let you know that my husband Brian just received orders from the Coast Guard to transfer us. We are moving at the end of June to Humboldt Bay, CA (near Oregon) and will be there for 4-5 years. We will be in the heart of Redwood National Forest and are very excited. We plan to hike, kayak, camp, jog, and explore with the dogs to our hearts content. We are taking 25 days to get there from here and are stopping at several national forests along the way to hike and camp with Floyd and Dexter.

Talk soon,
Dusti Ward
Feb 2014

Thought you might like to see this picture of MaiTai and Misty.  Our friend Chris sent us this pillow for Christmas as a joke, because our babies are allowed anywhere in the house. 

MaiTai went to his new vet yesterday, and she is VERY impressed with him!  She said his conformation is wonderful, and "He is just perfect!!".  She was also very impressed with the great care you took of him, and how thorough you were with his shot and worming.  And, she already loves him as much as we do!

Thank you so much for our "little man"!

Diana, John & Misty
March 2014
HI just a quick note he is growing so fast...thank you again we love him:)
                         PAST PUPPIES AND THERE NEW FAMILY'S 2014 
Hudack Family we are taken two..thank you!


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