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Little Puppy Humor!

Advice When Buying a Puppy its always encouraged to ask questions a good quality breeder will share there exsperience's and suggestions 1. Can I see the pups in their home? 2. Can I see both parents? 3. When can I visit the puppy? 4. How many litters has the mother had? How old are the parents? 5. Have the parents and pups been health checked? 6. How long has the breeder had this breed? 7. When can I bring my puppy home? Recommendation's get as much Information as possible Do not Buy from a PuppyMills puppies will have alot Health issue if not early signs later as they become a adult dog. Puppymills will tend sell there puppy's at low cost or with out paperwork or registration. Again you should feel comfortable with who you are buying your puppy from they should be able to provide as much details and information as possible to you and your family. 1.The most important thing to do during the first few months with your new dog is to spend absolutely every possible minute with it. Cockers are people lovers, it's as simple as that. Banish a Cocker to the back yard 23 hours a day and you're going to end up with a crazed Cocker. 2.Keep your puppy within your sight at all times. Close doors or use baby gates in doorways to keep the puppy confined to the same room you are in. Do not let the puppy wander throughout the house unsupervised! If you can't watch the puppy, place it in the care of someone who can. If no one can watch the puppy, put it in a crate until you are able to watch it again. 3.Puppies love to chew things, and will frequently try to chew you or your clothing. When this occurs, stick a chew toy in the puppy's mouth. There's no way to get a puppy to not chew things... the trick is to keep the puppy busy chewing things you WANT it to chew.. 4.Make sure your kids understand one important fact... there is no such thing as play fighting with a dog. The kids should be encouraged to play with the dog, but they must never ever play in such a way that the dog is encouraged to bite or do anything mean... or in a way that the dog would find scary. Your kids can very easily turn your dog mean if you let them just act like kids naturally do with a puppy. You've got to train your kids to treat the puppy softly and gently at all times, even at play time. Make sure everyone knows that "Tug-o-war" is not OK, too... it teaches the dog to work against you, and it's also a good way to mess up the dog's teeth. 5.Teaching a puppy to walk on a leash can be difficult at first. They usually spend a lot of time fighting the leash the first few times you try to use one on them. But there's a simple trick that works amazingly well... it will make your puppy completely forget about the leash. The first few times you take your dog on a walk with a leash, have someone else walk another dog in front of you. It's something like getting a donkey to walk forward by dangling a carrot in front of his head... if you have someone walk an older dog a few steps in front of you and your puppy, your pup will spend all her energy trying to catch up to the other dog and will totally ignore the fact that she is wearing a leash. 6. if you ever notice a flea or flea's we use Frontline spray and drops it is the best and works wonderful with our dogs through out the year.remember to get your puppy groomed regulary exspecially at early age gets them use to being at the groomers!

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